Finding Our Way Back to Our Fans - Website Update

Last November, we prepared for the holidays with excitement and high expectations. On Black Friday, we didn't see activity on the company website and it the new was unbearable.  The website had literally disappeared before our very eyes.  Three years and everything we had was gone!  In a instant! Our hosting site company turned out to be a huge disappointment and let us feeling "Bluexxxx." Just in case you're wondering who our hosting company may have been.  See we found them two years prior when we became one of many "GoDadxx" hosted sites that crashed. We even had a virtual private server to prevent history from repeating itself.  History repeated itself.

So today, months later, we launch after three attempts our much love website full of PG fun for everyone.  Lucky Snaps are our life.  When were not in production or working with customers, were designing.  And when were not designing, were partnering with non-profits and special groups to bring smiles to all. 

We make our product right here at our shop in beautiful Northern California.  We only purchase materials from USA company.  That's not to say there aren't foreign components in our overall design, it is impossible to purchase clothing accessories made in USA.  However, we do not source, deal with, or import foreign components. So rest easy to know that our product is BORN, MADE, RAISED in the USA.

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